1. Market beef, Beef/Dairy Feeders, swine, market goats and market lambs will be tagged by the member with an ID tag from the Ashland County Extension Office.  

2. ALL market animals (except poultry), Beef/Dairy Feeders, horses, dogs, must identified in the member's profile in 4Honline. 
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3. Quality Assurance will be mandatory for anyone taking a living, breathing animal project to the fair. 


Project Requirements and Forms


  dog with 4-H emblem


Family and Consumer Science and Still
  FCS and 4-H  


horse and 4-H emblem


Livestock and 4-H emblem


Project Enrollment and Showing Animals at Ohio State Fair

Click on this form for clarification of the differences in 4-H and FFA projects and how those projects are eligible for the Ohio State Fair.


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