NEW IN 2023!
ALL Horse participants must complete the online safety/ethics training each year at:

NEW IN 2022!
1. Horses must be identified the member's 4Honline profile with the following uploaded by June 1, 2023:      Help Sheet  
** clear pictures of front and both sides     
**lease agreement (if leasing)

 ** Parent agreement form : sign and turn in to the Horse Committee 

2. Quality Assurance training is mandatory for anyone taking a living, breathing animal to the fair. QA is to be completed by June 1.

  • FFA members taking a horse project must:

1. Create a profile  at  and  enter their Horse identification information and Upload Front and Side pictures. 

2. sign a Permission to Participate   

3. Sign Ashland County 4-H Horse Member Parent Agreement Form  and turn in to the Horse Committee




2023 Ohio State Fair Junior Horse Show Information