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2022 Breeding Beef Project Requirements
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2022 Dairy Feeder and Beef Feeder Project Requirements

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2022 Dairy Project Requirements
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2023 Market Goat Essay Contest Application

New for 2022: Breeding animal lease form
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2022 Goat Project Requirements
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2022 Sheep & Swine Give-a-way Essay Contest

2022 Swine Project Requirements
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2022 SHeep & Swine Give-a-way Essay Contest
new for 2022: breeding animal lease form

2022 Market Lamb Requirements
2022 Breeding Sheep project requirements

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2022 Rabbit Project Requirements

2020 Rabbit Clinic Zoom
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2020 Rabbit Clinic Videos

Rabbit Basics Video Link:                   
Meat Pen Video Link:                            
Choosing a Meat Pen Video Link:     

                                 New for 2022!
1. Quality Assurance is mandatory for anyone taking a living, breathing animal project to the fair. 

2. Market Beef, Beef/Dairy Feeders, swine, goats and Sheep will be tagged by the member with an ID tag from the Extension Office by June 1. 

3. All market animals (except poultry), beef/dairy feeders, horses and dogs must be entered and identified in the member's 4Honline profile by June 1.  FFA members may complete this requirement at: