How Do I Become a 4-H Volunteer?

Adults interested in working with a club or in starting a club of their own must first go through the Ohio 4-H Volunteer Process. Ohio State University Extension does not recognize “parent or adult helpers” as approved volunteers in the organization.  All individuals who are interested in volunteering through OSU Extension must adhere to the selection procedures.  

The following steps are required:


1. Complete the Volunteer Application at Read all of the information including the job description. Completing an application does not guarantee that you will be approved as a new 4-H volunteer. 

2. CREATE AN ACCOUNT/LOG INTO AND ENROLL AS A VOLUNTEER BEFORE YOU GO FOR YOUR BACKGROUND CHECK. Ohio State can only match completed background check results with 4honline ENROLLED volunteers.

3. Successfully pass a BCI Criminal Fingerprint Background Check (also FBI check for those not residing in Ohio the last five years).  

          Fingerprinting Information     Please read the details carefully.  RETURN THIS FORM TO THE     ASHLAND COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE ALONG WITH YOUR RECEIPT FOR REIMBURSEMENT.

          Request for Background check (Sherriff's)   If you chose to go to the Sheriff's office to complete background check, take this form with you.

4. Once the fingerprint check is completed (Ashland County Extension Office will receive notification from Columbus when the BCI check has cleared - this can sometimes take 4-6 weeks) and the reference forms are returned, an interview with the Extension Educator will be scheduled. 

5. Complete Ohio 4-H New Volunteer Orientation and Activities and Programs with Minor Participants Policy 1.50 Training before receiving an official letter of volunteer status. 

6. An official letter of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent to the volunteer applicant. 

  Volunteer Position Descriptions

 4-H Organizational Advisor
 4-H Club Advisor
 4-H Club Financial Volunteer
 4-H Club Cloverbud Leader

Committee Member